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Chief Guest @ Suchitra Academy Hyderabad

I was invited by Suchitra International Academy in Hyderabad to inaugurate their “Drop Everything and Read Program”.

My chief guest’s speech titled “Reading and Reconstructing Ourselves” focused on the impact of reading on the human psyche. I discussed how reading helps in creating a feeling of empathy and understanding amongst fellow humans. More specifically, I detailed how reading helps gather a range of perspectives that can aid in formulating one’s opinions, and resisting a singular, dominant voice. The danger in today’s society lies in being narrow-minded and believing in half-baked truths.

I told the students that reading can help us open our minds to understand the other side of the story. Since my speech was for school students, I also reiterated that reading is not merely for those who love Literature, but it is for everyone, including the Math and Science students. Reading is an inter-disciplinary activity that transcends the boundaries of subjects. I concluded my speech by talking about my own journey as an author, teacher and researcher. I expressed to the students, that for me, it is crucial to read about and write on things which are otherwise ignored, marginalized or shunned.

After the chief guest’s speech, the students of Suchitra International Academy interviewed me. In the interview I spoke about my writing and what I strive to do as an author.

Last but not least, I took a picture with the students!

I am grateful that I got this beautiful opportunity to share my experiences with the students of Suchitra International Academy. I am looking forward to more events like this!


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