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Manvaasam Issue 1

Updated: Jun 4

Click on this Link to View Issue 1:

The first issue of Manvaasam Magazine was released on 7th January, 2023. It was truly amazing to see the finished product slowly unravel before my eyes. I tried to look at the magazine not as a chief editor, but as a person, seeing it for the very first time. This offered me a fresh perspective, and I was immediately struck by its truth and honestly. Each child's work was unedited and unfiltered. It was displayed in its rawness, with beautiful mistakes.

This is what sets Manvaasam apart from all other magazines. Children can make mistakes as a normal part of their learning and growing. They can also contribute submissions in the language that they are most comfortable with. For instance, one of the submissions we got was a recital of a famous Malayalam song, by a six year old. In a diverse country like India, it is pertinent to take small, but sturdy steps to ensure that multi-lingualism does not fade away into the oblivion.

Although we had some incredible, creative submissions by many talented young children, I have put together these two collages for a glimpse of what Manvaasam has to offer.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to my team who made this possible. Each of them believe in doing their best to make the world a better place. I would also like to thank all the children who gave in their submissions with the faith and trust that it will be loved, adored and cherished.

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