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My Hangout Library- Storytelling

Updated: Jun 14

I was invited by My Hangout Library, to do an online storytelling event, on my recently released book "The Myth of the Wild Gaur". The students expressed their enthusiasm by turning up on a Sunday morning.

I was initially a little skeptical, as I was not sure how many of them will be able to understand the context behind my story and the environmental issues effecting hill stations, such as Kodaikanal. Fortunately, my worries melted away into a puff of smoke, because not only were the children able to comprehend the gravity of the message, but they were also able to think creatively and critically and look at the many meanings folded within the pages of the story.

Here are a few interesting clips from my session with the students.

I express my sincere thanks to Ms Aanchal, founder of My Hangout Library for inviting me. I am grateful that she is guiding her students towards reading more about gender equality and environmental protection.

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