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Story Telling @ Golden Butteflies

The season of Pongal was the perfect time to do a session with Golden Butterflies. This not-for-profit charitable trust, located in the Govt Hospital, Egmore, aims to provide counselling to uplift the spirits of children with chronic illnesses. However, what really strikes me is how the organization does not focus on emotional and physical development alone, but also strives for intellectual stimulation. Golden Butterflies conducts various activities for children such as story telling sessions and summer camps. I was honoured to be the second guest author to interact with them.

As I entered the building, I felt nervous as it was my very first time doing a session at a hospital. I clutched my bag tightly and hoped that the blank bookmarks inside would prove to be an interesting activity.

I slowly made my way up the stairs to the upper floor where the organization had a nook to themselves. I did wonder how the space could be conducive for activities in the otherwise noisy and crowded hospital, but to my amazement, I was met with a cheerful and colourful room that gave me instantaneous joy. The walls were painted with cute mischievous animals in a backdrop of nature. A corner was designated for kids to put up their work, and there were toys, games, and books around the room. Overall, it felt like an environment where children could relax and be themselves.

I read out “The Soan Papdi Man” from my book “The Postwoman and other Stories”. Since it was Pongal, this was the most suitable story that left one craving for more sweet dishes. But more importantly, it provided everyone with an opportunity to write even sweeter messages to their favourite person.

The experience at Golden Butterflies was certainly eye-opening and reminded me to be on my toes while planning for story telling sessions. After all, the crowd and the audience is never the same, but I hope every person who comes has a good time and leaves with renewed spirits!


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