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Story Telling Session @ Glendale Academy

I was invited by Glendale Academy to do a story telling session for grades four and five. I was amazed by the students who were bubbling and brimming with energy. Despite not knowing anything about me, they were all very excited to listen to my story.

At Glendale Academy, I narrated "The Soan Papdi Man" from my book "The Postwoman and Other Stories" . I had a feeling that this was the perfect story for grades four and five, and I was absolutely right! The students loved listening to the Soan Papdi Man. They were constantly curious and did not refrain from sharing their own ideas and perspectives. They were particularly interested in guessing where the Soan Papdi Man could have disappeared!

I truly enjoyed the session at Glendale because it left me with a sense of purpose. I realized that children, crave for story telling sessions where they can be themselves and let go of academics for a while!


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