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The Myth of the Wild Gaur

Updated: Mar 11

About "The Myth of the Wild Gaur"

Megham Mountain is a quiet and tranquil hill tucked away in the Nilgiris. The people of the mountain believe in a “Golden Web of Harmony” where animals, plants, and humans can co-exist. However, the peace of the Mountain is threatened when a company begins to extract water from a pristine lake. They aim to bottle the water and sell it under the guise of “Fresh Mineral Water”.

Theni, the daughter of the chief honey collector, discovers the company’s hidden agendas. When the water disappears from the lake near Theni’s home, the Majestic Wild Gaur is the most affected. The herd of Gaurs begins to migrate into the town, leaving behind their destroyed home.

In what follows, Theni and her friends embark on an adventure to confront the company and restore the “Golden Web of Balance”. In the process, Theni discovers more about the Myth of the Wild Gaur and why her ancestors created such a myth in the first place.


Book Trailer:


Hear me reading out the first two chapters of my book! Go to this link and scroll all the way down.


Listen to me speaking about my book in an interview with Ms Meena Desikan.

(The complete video can be watch on this link: )


Check out my blog post featured on EcoHQ:


Don't forget to read more about The Myth of the Wild Gaur on Prakati!


I hope you haven't missed my interview with the illustrator of the book!

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