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  • Writer's picturePriyadarshini Panchapakesan

Book Launch- The Guardians of the Forest @ Madras Christian College

Returning to my alma mater, the Madras Christian College, for the launch of my book, "The Guardians of the Forest," was a heartwarming experience. Accompanying me on this special occasion was my dear friend and the founder of Paper Lantern Books, Ms. Samyuktha Nair, who dedicated her time and effort to ensure that all the necessary arrangements for the event were in place.

There was much anticipation surrounding this book launch, as both Samyuktha and I were revisiting the place where our love for literature first blossomed, shaping our understanding of its profound role in reflecting and molding our world. Though our journey at MCC was limited to earning a Bachelor's degrees in English Language and Literature, the knowledge we acquired there laid a sturdy foundation for our higher education, a fact for which we remain eternally grateful.

Our former professors welcomed us with open arms, treating us with utmost kindness and respect. To make the event even more significant, we decided to combine the book launch with the inauguration of the English Literary Forum (ELF), which provided us access to a spacious venue and allowed us to connect with a larger student audience.

During the inaugural address, I shared the story of my path to becoming an IB educator and what motivated me to delve into the world of environmental fiction. I also encouraged the students, who often feel pressured to become professors after studying literature, to explore the multitude of diverse career paths available to them.

Following the inauguration, I conducted a workshop on the art of writing eco-fiction. I provided students with a graphic organizer to help them identify local environmental issues, such as the release of chemicals into the Ennore creek, the condition of the Coovam river, or the proximity of the Pallikaranai Marshlands to garbage dumps. Once the students had selected an issue that resonated with them, they were tasked with crafting a creative piece that vividly portrayed the problem and its repercussions.

We were genuinely awed by the descriptive pieces the students produced, which beautifully showcased their passion and proficiency in the language. Although time constraints prevented us from hearing from everyone, it was a delightful experience to witness the imaginative prowess of these young literature enthusiasts.

Subsequently, Samyuktha conducted a workshop on the world of publishing and the myriad opportunities it offers. The students were left in awe as they discovered the numerous avenues available within the publishing industry, and many expressing enthusiasm about potentially interning at a publishing house in the future.

Returning to MCC for a book launch was indeed a dream come true, and I am thankful to Samyuktha for making this event possible and to Mr.Kevin Woods for constantly collaborating with us to make it a success. I am also grateful to the dedicated team that worked tirelessly to bring it to life.


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