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Discussing Wild Gaurs at Thenikuzhu!

When I stumbled upon Thenikuzhu for the first time, I was immediately captivated and eager to learn more. The name of the organization piqued my curiosity, as "Theni" happened to be the central character in my book, "The Myth of the Wild Gaur."

I pondered if the students at Thenikuzhu, like a swarm of diligent bees, collaborated in their educational journey. To my astonishment, this turned out to be the case. I was graciously welcomed by each of them, and their enthusiasm for discovering more about me and my work was evident.

Rather than engaging in the typical storytelling sessions, I chose to sit down with them on the floor and engage in meaningful discussions about the themes explored in my book. These conversations were refreshing, as the students frequently interrupted me with insightful questions.

One young girl inquired about my fascination with wild gaurs and why they held such significance for me. Another asked whether my literary pursuits were solely focused on environmental topics or if I were involved in other forms of activism. These inquiries prompted me to reflect deeply on my role as an author and consider how I could further contribute to environmental causes.

In Thenikuzhu, I attempted to conduct the discussion entirely in Tamil. It was occasionally challenging to find the right words to convey certain concepts, but it also made the students feel at ease because they could connect better to their native language.

I am grateful to Ms. Meera for providing me with this incredible opportunity. Her work at Thenikuzhu speaks volumes about her commitment to bridging educational gaps and providing support to exceptionally bright students who may not always have access to private tutors and schools.


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