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  • Writer's picturePriyadarshini Panchapakesan

Guest Speaker @ Green-En- Lit Fest

Green Literature Festivals provide a platform to showcase and endorse books that revolve around environmental protection and conservation. They also provide wonderful opportunities for children to know more about books from the Indian context that address local issues.

I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to be a part of En-Lit Fest for Green Literature. I talked about the recent incident that occurred in Kerala, where wild gaurs killed three people. Although the anger and rage felt by the locals is understandable, what cannot be digested is the decision to tranquilize or kill the gaurs.

It is in this context that my book “The Myth of the Wild Gaur” is essential and relevant. It is no longer possible to confine the wild gaurs to forests because each day they are losing their grazing land and habitats. Therefore, we need to think of alternative solutions to live in harmony with the majestic beasts that play a crucial role in maintaining the unique ecology of the mountains.


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