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Storytelling and Discussion@ Sunnyside Learning

In the last few months, I took a keen interest in the activities done by Sunnyside Learning Centre in Kottivakkam, Chennai. What amazed me the most was the school’s approach to learning as they actively involved their students in various activities to hone creative and critical thinking skills. It was also exciting to see the school focus a lot on the importance of environmental awareness.

Luckily, I got an opportunity to interact with the kids and tell them my stories. They were an enthusiastic lot who asked a lot of questions. They were eager to know more about wild gaurs and their role as keystone species. They were also curious to know what the majestic beasts ate, how they were so agile, and why they were moving out of the forests.

My storytelling session ended with an activity where I asked the kids to draw or write about their connection with nature. They could write on their relationship with a bird, the experience of walking through a forest, or time spent on the beach.

I had a great time at Sunnyside Learning because the kids were well-behaved and inquisitive at the same time.

I want to express my sincere thanks to Ms Sabina for having me over as a guest speaker.

Let's see what Sunnyside has to say about my session!


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